The element that has been recognized by the Food & Nutrition Board since 1968, and by the Food & Drug Administration since 1973, as an essential nutrient and which has been used to improve teeth since 1945, but has intentionly not been used to perfect teeth, for reasons that are obvious to anyone who understands how Washington DC functions, is fluoride. The following program builds the optimum amount of fluoride into the teeth during the entire time the teeth are developing. Provided in this manner, the fluoride tightly binds with the calcium in the enamel and produces teeth that are white, smooth, and about ten times as resistant to decay as are the ordinary teeth that the dental industry currently arranges for children to have. The effectiveness of this program has been proven by ten trials in the literature, including one by NIH in 1992.  Nutritional Supplement Needed:   Prenatal: 2 mg of fluoride. i.e., 2 one mg tablets (4.4 mg sodium fluoride) once a day, starting about the 12th week of pregnancy, on an empty stomach, at a different time from your pregnancy vitamin-mineral capsule, and not followed by milk or antacids for at least 30 minutes. There will be benefit even if the fluoride is started later, but the start of the third month is best. Two mg is the amount needed by all pregnant women in our cities, suburbs, and towns - 99% of the population. The supplement is not needed by the few women who live in mostly rural areas of West Texas, Oklahoma, etc. where deep wells give water with excess fluoride content as labeled by the EPA - over 4 ppm (parts per million) . If you have any difficulty obtaining the fluoride tablets, you can drink 2 teaspoons/day (or 2/3rds of a tablespoon) of a non-alcoholic fluoride mouth rinse, such as ACT, which is available anywhere.                                                      

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