Children's Dental Research Society, Inc.

Since 1987, a 501c3 US Treasury Department approved tax free foundation, educating the public how to have children with perfect teeth.

Perfect Teeth

1. Teeth that do not decay - no cavities - super hard white smooth enamel can    be virtually every child's birthright by your providing all the nutrients known to be needed during the entire time the teeth are developing - from the 12th week of pregnancy until age 14-18 years. This is not difficult as there is only one recognized essential nutrient that is not being properly provided at present. This has been known and demonstrated for over 40 years, but has been kept from the public as the soft primary (baby) teeth responsible for the "cavity prone years of childhood" are what the dental industry lives on.

2. Teeth and jaws that require far less of expensive teenage orthodontics,  as you have insisted that your dentist perform one or more of several relatively inexpensive methods of preventive orthodontics. We will list these on this site.

The first item, producing super hard white teeth, is simple enough that we can give you the essential information on this website. If you wish to know more about the history of the long proven science involved, and how the dental industry has been able to deny this to the public, there is a 218 page book available, Complete Guide For Having Children With Perfect Teeth, published by the Society, available wherever books are sold. All proceeds go to the Society. As we are trying to provide information, rather than selling books, the only benefit to the authors is the pleasure of continuing our over 30 years of giving parents the knowledge required for producing children with perfect teeth. Cost: less than $15; if that exceeds your budget the ebook is only $4.95.